What Clients Are Saying


“I have worked with Alan on Food Series where shots, like shooting sports events, come fast, furious and are often unanticipated. Working with Alan is always a treat because as a cameraman he listens, he anticipates and the shots are usually there before I ever have to call for them. He has a great eye for composition and I appreciate his sensitivity and attitude.”
-Bruce Franchini, Director


“It was a great experience working with Alan. Meticulous and persistent, he beautifully translated my vision from script to screen.”
-Huiyu Wang, MFA, Director/independent filmmaker


“Within a short period Alan earned the respect of the cast, crew, and myself as a skilled professional whose efforts elevated the quality of the production.”
-Richard Mellin, Director/independent filmmaker


“Alan availed himself from the beginning of the project to the end. His preparation and eye for the camera brought the project to its full potential. Furthermore, his attitude and perspective on the set highlighted the positive work environment and kept the cast and crew invigorated and interested. I can recommend him without hesitation.”
-Sean A. Kilpatrick, Director


“Alan, he’s the first call I make. He’s the guy I want on my side.”
-Tim Bellen, S.O.C., D.P./ Stedicam Operator


“Alan is rock solid, the shots were always there”
-Dean Gaskill, D. P.

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